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Field Of Activities

Golden Triangle Technology provides a field of activities in the Arab Emirates – DUBAI, and Middle East.

IT Distribution

Gttech specializes in distributing a full selection of hardware components and products for both PCs and servers. We are carrying a variety of brands in different parts and keep adding to our portfolio all the time.

Sustainable energy and eco-friendly building materials

As UAE is becoming one of the leading countries to use green energy and eco-friendly products, being part of our mission, GTT imports and distribute building materials and systems for the construction industry with focus on sustainable and eco-friendly products.
Our aim through collaborations with worldwide manufacturers is to assist home owners; contractors and developers select most efficient and eco friendly materials and systems to achieve a greener living future.

To name a few products from our portfolio:

Consumer and industrial solar panels

Smart consumer and industrial landscaping products

Solar home and street lightings

Smart home products

Oil and gas control room equipment and spare parts

Whether it’s monitoring pipelines, a production facility, drilling operation, or moving product to trucks, rail cars or tankers, all has to monitor with a state of art technology and electronic equipment. GTT with having its headquarters located in the heart of oil and gas industry, aiming to facilitate local and international companies with their technological needs.


Touch screens and collaborative products


Control room displays


Surveillance and security equipment

field of activities - zinc ingot storage

Non-ferrous metal trading

There are variety of non-ferrous metals such as nickel, zinc and gold that are used in a wide range of industrial fields that include components for electric and electronic products, machine components, construction materials, and automobiles These materials are considered as a part of modern society foundation. 


Our company as a part of our trading activities is involve in importing and exporting the non-ferrous metal to other GCC countries.